All right? (How to add ck to the Qinglong panel) Qinglong panel Jingdou, install the Qinglong panel to open the JD white whoring mode,

In the past, there were activities on the Internet that can get 100 Jingdou and some red packets every day by scanning the code. Later, scanning the code failed. However, the technology behind this has not failed. In fact, the white whoring activity is to use scripts instead of us to participate in various activities of JD to get red packets and Jingdou. These scripts are deployed on the computer and executed regularly. Next, according to the online leader’s tutorial, Let’s implement it.

1、 Before installation, the Qinglong panel is installed using Docker. In theory, as long as there is a computer that can run Docker, it can be installed. However, because the script needs to run regularly, it is better to install it on the server, or on the computer that has not been shut down. Some people say that using the development board such as raspberry pie can be achieved. In theory, it seems that it can also be achieved, but because raspberry pie is based on arm architecture, Find the corresponding arm version of Qinglong panel image.

Personally, I suggest buying a server. Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud have very cheap servers. That kind of server with one core and one gigabyte is enough. I bought a Tencent cloud server with one core and two gigabytes, which costs 74 yuan a year. If I am lucky, I will return to the original server in a month. It is better to choose Linux server. It only needs to execute some simple commands to build it.

The following tutorials are all built using Linux servers. 2. If Docker has been installed, you can skip this step. If Docker has not been installed, you can use the following script command to directly install Dockercurl – fsSL | bash -s docker –mirror Aliyun。

Remember to start Docker after installing Docker, and configure to start sudo systemctl start docker # Start Docker sudo systemctl enable docker # Configure to start automatically.

3、 Pull the image docker pull whyou/qinglong: last 4. Deploy the image dockerrun – it – v $PWD/ql/config:/ql/config – v $PWD/ql/log:/ql/log\

-v $PWD/ql/db:/ql/db \ -p 5700:5700 \ –name qinglong \ –hostname qinglong \ –restart always \

Whyour/qinglong: latest 5. Open the firewall Qinglong panel and access it through the web page. You are going through port 5700. Remember to release port 5700 in the server firewall settings (the server can be configured with security groups) 6. Configure the Qinglong panel 1. Log in to the Qinglong panel

Panel address: http://server IP: 5700 Default account: admin Default password: adminadmin When you log in with the above password for the first time, the panel will display the initialized password. Please view the new password in the SSH terminal (the output result is the actual password {“username”: “admin”, “password”: “”). The view code is as follows.

Docker exec – it qinglong cat/ql/config/auth.json2, basic command of Qinglong panel, basic command of Qinglong panel (ignore docker exec – it qinglong when executing in the container or creating a new scheduled task), which is generally not needed. Most operations can be implemented in the web page, and only recorded here.

#Update Qinglong docker exec – it qinglong ql update # Update Qinglong and compile docker exec – it qinglong ql restart # Pull custom warehouse docker exec

-it qinglong ql repo “quanx””tokens|caiyun|didi|donate|fold|Env”

#Pull a single script docker exec – it qinglong ql raw

#Delete all logs seven days ago docker exec – it qinglong ql rmlog 7 # Start bot docker exec – it qinglong ql bot # Export mutual help code docker exec

-It qinglong ql code # Notify the test docker exec – it qinglong notify test # Execute the script immediately docker exec – it qinglong task test.js now

#Parallel execution script docker exec – it qinglong task test.js conc3. Add library Qinglong panel itself does not have the function of JD script, but is only a platform for managing and executing corresponding scripts. Next, use Qinglong panel to pull some libraries.


The interface for adding tasks is shown in the figure below. The name is random, the command will be given later, and the timing rule is customized. I use 0 00 * * *, which means that the script we add is a script for pulling scripts, and the actual script will be automatically added after the script we add runs

4. The script for pulling various libraries is as follows: [Faker Collection Warehouse] ql repo “jd_|jx_|getJDCookie”

“Activity | backUp” “^ jd [^ _] | USER | ZooFaker_Necklace” The script in the warehouse may be repeated, but it is OK. It is recommended that you remember to run it after you pull it all. If you do not run it, it will not be automatically executed until you set the time.

After running, it will automatically pull some active scripts [curtinlv warehouse] ql repo 【star】ql repo

“Scripts” “code” [Complaint Collection Warehouse] ql repo “jd_|jx_|getJDCookie”

“activity|backUp””^jd[^_]|USER|utils”【ddo(hyzaw)】ql repo

“Ddo_” [lemon (fat tiger)] ql repo “Jd_” [Wen Moumou] ql repo

:// [Chaos] ql repo “quanx””tokens|caiyun|didi|donate|fold|Env”

[Dragon Ball] ql repo “Quanx” “tokens | caiyun | didi | Donate | fold | Env” The script in the warehouse may be repeated, but it’s OK. It’s recommended to pull it all.

Remember to run it after pulling. If you don’t run it, it will not be automatically executed until you set the time. After running, it will automatically pull out some scripts to execute the activity. 7. It is easy to log in to the JD account before logging in to the JD account. It is achieved by scanning a code. It is achieved through ninjia, but now it doesn’t work. We need to add it manually.

There are many ways to add it manually. You can view the source code through the web page, or you can capture the package. The principle is the same. They are all for the purpose of obtaining cookies. Here is a simpler method. You only need to obtain the verification code to log in, and then you can obtain the download address of the cookie software. You need to take it yourself.

Lanzuoyun address: JD ck running software to obtain verification code


Click OK after adding. If you need to add multiple accounts, you just need to get multiple COOKIEs and add them. The name is still JD_ COOKIE can execute the script after adding the JD account. If you can’t wait to try, you can trigger the script to run, otherwise it will be executed at the corresponding time.

8、 Others1. Bind the JD account to WeChat. When the script is executed, it will execute a task of the JD Express version. When the task is executed, it will pay money into the bound WeChat. Although it is not much, a few cents a day, but a little makes a lot! Some accounts will not pay even if they are bound to WeChat. I don’t know why

2. Downloading Jingxi is not advertising, nor is it money. This script will help you get all kinds of red envelopes, and you can get about ten yuan in about two or three days. These red envelopes are non-threshold, but most of them can only be used in Jingxi. The goods in can also be settled in surprise, Meizizi! 3. Open all kinds of activities of JD Jingxi, such as farms and pastures. These things usually need to be manually selected for the first time, and then wait for the script to execute.

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