Full of dry goods (Qinglong panel wskey) Qinglong panel github, the full version tutorial of Qinglong panel deployment in 2022,

Recommended installation objects: Tencent Cloud and Alibaba Cloud Portal: Tencent Cloud and Alibaba Cloud Tutorial Start 1.1 System selection: Centros7.6 Next, take Tencent Cloud Server as an example, select the region, then the official image, system image, and Centos7.6 version

Please set the password by yourself. Please make sure that all the ports you use in the tutorial have been opened in the server vendor’s management interface. 1.2 SSH remote server management tool: FinalShellWindows version download address: http://www.hostbuf.com/downloads/finalshell_install.exe 。

Skip the installation and open the FinalShell, as shown in the figure; Next, click ①, click ②, and then click ③ to set the SSH connection.

Fill in host information

Click the selected line you created to connect

1.2 SSH connection succeeded

1.3 Install Docker and Qinglong panel to set Yum source:

Yum install – y yum-utils device-mapper-persist-data lvm2 set yum source yum-config-manager — add-repo http:

//Mirrors.aliyun.com/docker-ce/linux/centos/docker-ce.repo Select a version and install it: yum install docker-ce-version number (the latest version is installed by default here)

Yumminstalldocker-codedocker-ce-clientainerd.io Wait for the installation to complete until the root user input prompt reappears

Start the docker and set the boot-start (all the codes entered in the command line below (not limited to this article) should not be copied in the whole section, please enter one line at a time and then enter) systemctlstart dockersystemctlstatus dockersystemctl

Enable docker (note the entries one by one) Install docker composecurl – L https://get.daocloud.io/docker/compose/releases/download/

1.25.1/docker-compose ` uname – s ` – ` uname – m ` – o/usr/local/bin/docker-compose Add executable permissions chmod+x/usr/local

/Bin/docker-compose test installation result docker-compose — version The returned result contains docker compose version * * * which means that the docker has been set and installed successfully

Step 2. Install the container and create a directory under the root folder. Create the docker-compose.yml docker-com created in my picture in the directory. You can use ql. The container is directly created under this folder. Using ql is more convenient for mkdirql

Cdqltouchdocker-compose.yml Fill in the following content version: “3” services: qinglong: image: whyour/qinglong: lastcontainer_ name:

qinglongrestart:unless-stoppedtty:trueports:-5700:5700-5701:5701environment:-ENABLE_ HANGUP=true-ENABLE_ WEB_ PANEL=true

volumes:-./ config:/ql/config-./ log:/ql/log-./ db:/ql/db-./ repo:/ql/repo-./ raw:/ql/raw-./ scripts:/ql/scripts

-./ jbot:/ql/jbot-./ ninja:/ql/ninja-./ damei:/ql/dameilabels:-com.centurylinklabs.watchtower.enable=false

(Copy the code starting from version) In the server window, enter: vidocker-compose.yml Click the code area above, press i to enter the editing mode, paste the code, press esc, enter ‘: wq’ in the command input box, save and exit to return to the root user input prompt interface

Continue to enter docker-compose up-d in the command input box, wait for the download to complete, and then prompt Creating qinglong * * * done and return to the root input prompt. So far, the 2022 full version of Qinglong panel has been deployed

1.4 Log in to the Qinglong panel browser and log in to the server’s public ip: 5700 (for example, if my ip is, enter 5700). When you enter the Qinglong panel for the first time, you will be asked to set the account password. Please remember to set the application notification method and other options. We will skip first. After setting, the page will automatically refresh. Enter the account password you just set to enter the Qinglong panel

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