Full of dry goods (stock trend on February 24, 2021) The latest news of the stock market on February 23, and the hot spot of the stock market on February 14, 2023,

The State Office of Hot Data in Haiko issued the opinion on doing a good job in the key work of comprehensively promoting rural revitalization in 2023. Agricultural products (000061), a benchmark enterprise in the circulation industry of agricultural products, Topaz (300229) launched Maiwen Zhichuang Cloud Service in the field of rural revitalization. The State Office thoroughly implemented the seed industry revitalization action and comprehensively implemented major biological breeding projects.

Fengle Seed Industry (000713), a large agricultural group in Beidahuang (600598), which mainly grows rice, corn and soybeans, is a leading enterprise in Anhui seed industry. It has an advanced industrialized commercialized R&D system. The State Office accelerates the R&D and promotion of advanced agricultural machinery and accelerates the R&D of large intelligent agricultural machinery equipment Xingguang Agricultural Machinery (603789), a backbone enterprise in China’s agricultural machinery industry.

Smart Agriculture (000816) is a manufacturer of internal combustion engines and terminal products mainly for export. In the field of agricultural mechanization, the State Office strengthens the construction of water conservancy infrastructure and accelerates the construction of the backbone network of the national water network, Qinglong Pipe Industry (002457), one of the largest domestic water supply and drainage pipeline manufacturers, Dayu Water Saving (300021) is in the leading position in the industry in water-saving irrigation materials and engineering, and high-standard farmland construction.

The State Office has implemented a new round of action to increase the production capacity of 100 billion kilograms of grain. Jinjian Rice Industry (600127), the first grain producer in China, Suken Agricultural Development (601952), a large state-owned agricultural enterprise with the core resource advantage of self-operated planting base. The State Office encourages the development of new energy vehicles and green smart home appliances in rural areas. Jianghuai Automobile (600418) is a comprehensive automobile manufacturer integrating commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and powertrain.

Sichuan Changhong (600839) has been transformed into a globally competitive consumer electronics system supplier and content service provider. The State Office has fostered new rural industries and new business forms, encouraged the construction of agricultural and sideline products live broadcast e-commerce base. The Antarctic e-commerce (002127) is engaged in brand authorization and e-commerce ecological comprehensive services, and has rich e-commerce operation experience.

Rebate Technology (600228), the leading domestic full-scene shopping guide platform, the State Office, cultivates new rural industries and new business forms, cultivates and develops the prefabricated vegetable industry, Sanquan Food (002216), the leader of the domestic quick-frozen food industry, Fucheng Co., Ltd. (600965), a meat product enterprise, owns the Fucheng brand, which is a well-known trademark in China.

The State Office continued to strengthen the construction of rural infrastructure, promote the consolidation and upgrading of rural power grids, and China XD (601179) is a leading manufacturer of ultra-high voltage power transmission and distribution equipment. Its main products are high-voltage switches, transformers, smart optical electric (002169), a leading enterprise in the field of electrical control and automation. The State Office has made great efforts to develop vocational education for rural revitalization.

Chuanzhi Education (003032) is mainly engaged in IT technology training, and has held the main education training of Ongli Education (600661) of Suqian Chuanzhi Internet Secondary Vocational and Technical School, covering K12 education, vocational education, international education, early childhood education and other Huawei second-generation satellite communication technologies. The satellite communication mobile phones will be on the market soon.

The maritime satellite communication operation business of 3D Communication (002115) is continuously increasing the global satellite network coverage service capability. Yunding Technology (000409) has successfully developed the European carbon tariff of Beidou No.3 short message terminal. By accelerating carbon neutralization, it promotes the excellent new energy (688196) biodiesel is mainly exported to the world’s largest biodiesel market, the EU, and biodiesel has obtained the ISCC certification of the EU.

Yingke Recycling (688087) will layout the whole industrial chain of recycled PS plastics and actively expand the r-PET product ChatGPT, which will significantly increase the carbon emissions. The construction of green data center will meet the opportunity. Imikon (300249) is committed to the best technical practice of green energy conservation solutions in the data center. Heng Electric (002364) provides HVDC power supply and distribution system for the data center.

Bulaoshenyao has been officially recognized as the opening of the 100 billion yuan market. Xiwang Food (000639) has launched a new and heavyweight platinum NMN capsule. It has passed the certification of the nucleoside product NMN developed by Xianqiang Pharmaceutical, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical (002317) by several domestic and foreign institutions β- Nicotinamide mononucleotide products have been produced and sold.

The major breakthrough of domestic lithography machine is to break the hegemony of science and technology. Torch Light Technology (688167) provides the core laser optical components in the lithography exposure system for the semiconductor lithography application field. The light field homogenizer (300456) provides the process development and wafer manufacturing services for the lens system MEMS components for ASML.

The first document of this year released the in-depth implementation of the seed industry revitalization action Dunhuang Seed Industry (300354), whose products include seeds, fruits and vegetables, food, cotton, and the key state-supported industry Nongfa Seed Industry (600313), which is mainly engaged in the production and sales of agricultural means products such as seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and so on, has doubled the scale of the new type of energy storage installation in the forefront of the industry, and the new safety regulations have brought new space for fire protection

Qingniao Fire Protection (002960) can provide the overall solution from station level, cabin level, cluster level to PACK level. Yonghe shares (605020) will increase the production of 4000 tons of PFH in the next year. It is expected that the European carbon tariff mechanism will be completed and put into operation in the third quarter, which will expand to hydrogen green atmosphere or become the best choice.

Beijing Huanyu Jinghui Jingcheng Gas Technology Co., Ltd., which is owned by Meijin Energy (000723), has a 500m3/h water electrolysis hydrogen production unit (green hydrogen), and Snowman Co., Ltd. (002639) has increased investment in the research and development of fuel cell power system and core components of the system, and has developed a new generation of oxygen fuel cell system.

Fujian has introduced measures to promote consumption and tap the potential of digital RMB to promote consumption. Chu Tianlong (003040) has provided various forms of hard wallets, reception end products and other related technical services for many large exhibitions such as the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Ke Jiangnan (301153) has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Suzhou Municipal Finance Bureau to conduct pilot discussions on the electronic digital RMB business plan for centralized treasury payment.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized a symposium on the recovery and utilization of new energy vehicle power batteries. Camel (601311), a major manufacturer of lead-acid batteries in China, has arranged lithium batteries, fuel cells, and battery recycling Tianqi (002009), a leading manufacturer of lithium battery metal recovery rate in the industry. The Energy Resources Bureau will further promote the innovation of wind power photovoltaic technology and development model.

Tongyu Heavy Industry (300185), China’s largest nodular cast iron pipe mold and MW wind turbine spindle manufacturer, Riyue Co., Ltd. (603218), one of the largest foundry manufacturers in China, has publicly solicited the opinions of e-commerce logistics green packaging technology and management specifications, and the Jiamei brand (002969) has been recognized by the China Packaging Federation as an excellent packaging brand in China.

Tianyuan Pharmaceutical (003003), a large comprehensive printing and packaging enterprise in the forefront of China, has rapidly risen in the clinical demand for gout. The innovative medicine for reducing uric acid is in the ascendant. Yifang Biological (688382), an innovative drug research and development enterprise, focuses on the field of cancer, metabolic diseases and other major diseases. Hengrui Pharmaceutical (600276), a Chinese company with the first domestic chemical pharmaceutical strength, has the most opportunity to challenge the international pharmaceutical giants.

The recovery of sports competition and performance ushered in the development opportunity. Lisheng Sports (002858) sports event management, sports club management, stadium management, sports equipment manufacturing and sales Rheinland Sports (000558) will focus on the layout of characteristic sports towns and urban sports service complexes, and build sports space. China’s new energy passenger vehicles will maintain a strong growth rate of more than 30% in 2023.

Selis (601127) and Huawei jointly launched the high-end new energy vehicle brand AITO BAIC Blue Valley (600733), a well-known new energy vehicle and core parts enterprise. In 2023, the domestic demand for gold jewelry and gold physical investment is expected to accelerate the rebound of Shandong Gold (600547), China’s largest gold production enterprise, with industry-leading gold mining, dressing and smelting technology.

The LCD industry, which is owned by Yu Garden (600655) and has Chinese time-honored brands such as Laomiao Gold and Nanxiang Xiaolong, will turn to the demand side leading panel profit, which is expected to gradually strengthen Shiyuan (002841), the world’s leading LCD master control board supplier and the domestic leading interactive intelligent panel supplier.

Changxin Technology (300088), an important production base of key basic materials for flat panel display in China, has an annual demand of nearly 10 billion military engine forgings. Domestic manufacturers have a broad development space. AVIC Heavy Machinery (600765) aviation forging product technology ranks the leading level in China. Triangle Defense (300775) has obtained the qualification required for the production of military products, mainly including die forgings and free forgings.

A breakthrough in sustainable hydrogen production can be achieved by using nano-carbon as a catalyst. Fangda Carbon (600516) has the only new carbon brick production base in China, Guangwei Composite (300699), the leading enterprise in the domestic carbon fiber industry, ChatGPT, in the next three years, or will drive the investment demand of 100 billion ICT hardware. iFLYTEK (002230) is the world’s leading intelligent voice technology enterprise.

China Science and Technology Shuguang (603019) China’s leading high-performance computer enterprises have clearly defined the development goals and measures of the digital economy in 2023. Shenzhou Information (000555), a comprehensive service provider for the whole industrial chain of financial science and technology, Cubic Digital Technology (300344), an engineering digital cloud service provider, and a leading enterprise in the field of BIM consulting.

The new technology, catalytic module, new pattern, and new pattern of N-type battery ring the rallying number. The new type of cooling liquid made in China, one of the leading enterprises in the domestic photovoltaic industry with complete industrial chain and coordinated structure layout, is proposed to be invested in the N-type TOPcon photovoltaic cell project, Jingao Technology (002459), has made breakthrough progress.

Juhua (600160) data center coolant products have entered the industrialization implementation stage. Jialitu (603912) focuses on the research and development of precision environmental control technology such as data room. Beijing will support the head enterprises to build a large model of ChatGPT, Hanwang Technology (002362), which focuses on the research and development and application of artificial intelligence and intelligent interaction technology such as text recognition for a long time.

Tianji Technology (300245), the leading company among the third-party service providers of IT infrastructure in the data center, released the standard specification of smart education platform at the World Digital Education Conference. China Science and Technology (601858) has developed a series of digital platforms and knowledge service platforms for online science library, science think tank, biologue, and China Science Cloud Education.

Tuowei Information (002261) can drive the growth of related industries by tens of times around the intelligent computing centers in education fields such as education management, education and teaching, education and scientific research, etc. Capital Online (300846) global cloud network integration infrastructure solutions and key technology research data port (603881) is mainly engaged in data center server hosting services and network bandwidth services.

The artificial intelligence security and credible escort plan launched Qi’anxin (688561), a leading domestic enterprise-level network security product and service provider, Lvmeng Technology (300369), a domestic leading and core competitive enterprise-level network security solution provider. The growth rate of rare earth supply slowed down to meet the overall recovery of the North Rare Earth (600111), the world’s largest rare earth enterprise group and rare earth industry base. It is one of the six major rare earth groups in China.

Zhongke Sanhuan (000970), China’s largest and the world’s second largest NdFeB permanent magnetic material manufacturer, has formed a project list for the third batch of large wind power photovoltaic bases. The products of Sifang (601126) Co., Ltd. have become the mainstream products in the field of power system relay protection and control. Hengrun (603985) Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in rolled ring forgings, forged flanges and other free forging products.

The outdoor sports market is growing steadily. The outdoor clothing brand Iterative Mugao (603908) camping tent, outdoor clothing and other outdoor products R&D, design, production and sales enterprise Sanfu Outdoor (002780), a professional multi-brand outdoor chain, operates the X-BIONIC brand, has more than 40 new films in the event camp, and has been filed. The domestic film market is expected to usher in a supply year

Hengdian Film and Television (603103), a leading and potential private theater line and theater investment company in China, Happy Blue Ocean (300528), a state-owned holding company that invests in TV series production and operates the entire film industry chain, has been officially recognized as a 100 billion yuan market opening for good NMN Xiwang Food

A major breakthrough in domestic photolithographs to break the hegemony of science and technology is just around the corner. The release of Shanghai Xinyang Document No. 1 this year will further implement the seed industry revitalization action. Good seed industry. Dunhuang seed industry. Beijing will support the leading enterprises to build a large model of the benchmark ChatGPT. Good ChatGPT Hongbo Co., Ltd.’s new energy storage installation scale doubled. New safety regulations bring new space for fire protection. Good fire protection

Bluebird Fire Higo Hotspot Data Enjie Co., Ltd.: the holding subsidiary signed a guarantee agreement with Ningde Times. Jingu Co., Ltd.: received the fixed notice letter from Chang’an Automobile. Qinglong Pipe Industry: won the bid for the 401 million yuan pipe procurement project. Cape Cloud: The company’s digital people have completed the docking with OpenAI’s GPT3-003 interface.

Hongbo Shares: Beijing AI Innovation and Empowerment Center project has been put into actual operation. Henghua Technology: the holding subsidiary plans to introduce the Avionics Test of the capital of the World War Capital Financial Street: It is suggested that the company’s P/E ratio significantly deviates from the industry’s P/E ratio level. Hengshuo Shares: said that the company’s CiNOR integrated AI reasoning chip and ChatGPT and other cloud applications are quite different.

Sinomine Resources: It is proposed to acquire 51% equity of URT lithium project with US $20 million. Wanhua Chemical: the net profit in 2022 will be 16.239 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 34.12%. ATV: won the bid for Tongwei’s all-in-one machine bidding project of about 580 million yuan. Northern Rare Earth: it is proposed to invest 105 million yuan to participate in Jinlong Rare Earth.

Youyan Silicon: net profit of 351 million yuan in 2022 increased by 136.8% year on year. The hot data of Haige Jiangnan Yifan: Photovoltaic slewing bracket motors have been supplied in small quantities. Jiangnan Yifan said during the survey by the agency that the current procurement mode is to purchase according to the number of demands. The company’s products are supplied to CITIC Bo. Photovoltaic slewing bracket motors have been supplied in small quantities, and solar robot motors are being tested, The tested motor will take about 2 years due to environmental problems, and about 90000 motors will be needed for 2.7GW of power generation.

Dinglong Co., Ltd.: The sales revenue of semiconductor display materials is expected to continue to grow in 2023. Dinglong Co., Ltd. said in an institutional survey that with the continuous expansion of the company’s products and the increase of the turnover of downstream panel manufacturers, the sales revenue of semiconductor display materials is expected to continue to grow in 2023. Minde Electronics: The products planned to be mass produced this year include IGBT, FRD, SiC devices and other products.

In terms of new products, the company’s holding power semiconductor design company, GMIC, said in the survey conducted by Minde Electronics that the SGT-MOSFET products developed in the 12-inch wafer foundry last year, the 60V series products have been mass produced, the 80V and 100V series products have completed the engineering batch and are expected to be mass produced in the first half of this year. If the progress is smooth, the 150V and 200V product development will be launched in the second half of this year, This year, SGT-MOSFET products are expected to contribute significantly to the revenue growth of GMI; In addition, with the production of the wide core microelectronics line, the products planned for mass production this year include: 900-1500V high-voltage MOS, IGBT, FRD, SiC devices and other products.

BYD: In 2022, BYD exported 55916 new energy passenger cars in total. According to the agency survey, BYD’s new energy passenger cars have entered Japan, Germany, Australia, Brazil and other countries, with footprints in more than 40 countries and regions around the world. In 2022, BYD’s Thailand factory is expected to start operation in 2024, with an annual capacity of about 150000. The cars produced will be put into the local market of Thailand, At the same time, it radiates the surrounding ASEAN countries and other regions.

Huada Jiutian: Some digital tools supporting 5nm have been commercialized. Huada Jiutian (301269) said in a survey that in the field of simulation and full customization, the company is promoting the full process system of simulation design supporting advanced technology, and on the basis of the whole process of simulation, it is developing the full process tools for the field of full customization, including the whole process of storage, the whole process of RF, the whole process of optoelectronics, and the advanced packaging design; In the digital field, the company is developing core tools related to the digital field, gradually complementing the weaknesses of digital core tools, and constantly improving the company’s layout in the digital field; In the field of wafer manufacturing, the company is developing core tools related to wafer manufacturing in response to the rapidly growing market demand, and continuously enhancing the company’s support capacity for wafer manufacturers.

Hager Communications: The company will continue to expand its main business to further enhance its core competitiveness and industry status. Hager Communications said in an institutional survey recently that the company will continue to focus on the development strategy of “industry+capital”, carry out high-quality target mergers and acquisitions or withdraw some businesses that are at the end of their life cycle or fail to meet expectations. The expansion direction is mainly around the main business, wireless communications, Beidou navigation, aerospace and other business areas, Further enhance the core competitiveness and industry position.

Meirui New Material: The construction of the first phase of the polyurethane new material industrial park has recently started. Meirui New Material said during the institutional research recently that the first phase of the polyurethane new material industrial park has been carried out in an orderly manner according to the construction plan. The construction period of the project is expected to be 18 months. Tom: has tried to use the ChatGPT model for the preliminary test of AI interactive product development.

According to the survey summary released by Tomcat (300459), the intelligent interaction property of Tomcat family IP of the company has a high compatibility with ChatGPT. At present, the company团队已尝试应用ChatGPT模型进行AI交互产品开发的初步测试此前公司在类似项目上已积累了一定经验优势,推出了GameBudTalking Tom语音智能产品,该智能产品可与公司旗下《汤姆猫跑酷》等游戏产品进行链接,实现游戏陪玩、线下交流、语音互动等多个功能。


东方电热:2万吨预镀镍锂电池材料募投项目已于2月5日热联动试车一次性成功 产品已经下线东方电热近日在机构调研时表示,公司在建的2万吨预镀镍锂电池材料募投项目已于2月5日热联动试车一次性成功,产品已经下线。



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