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A few days ago, the webmaster gave you a detailed introduction to the Netease cloud gray song list unlocking and building tutorial. For those who are interested, please click here to view today’s webmaster to give you a detailed introduction to the installation tutorial of the Qinglong panel. This tutorial is more suitable for Xiaobai. Of course, you are also welcome to leave a message saying that the spirit of teaching people to fish is not as good as teaching people to fish. The webmaster will give you a detailed introduction step by step. Those who like tossing can try it.

Step 1: The webmaster of a cloud server system often uses centOS. Select centOS 7.5 here. The system is not as new as possible. The webmaster recommends centOS 7.5 here.

Step 2: The final shell can connect to other software of the cloud server, as long as it can be connected (I will not talk about how to connect first, and I will fill in later) Step 3: The installation environment is the core part, and also the most vulnerable part of the problem. The code provided by the webmaster here is effective for personal testing, but because everyone’s machine is different, there are many problems, If there are errors, we should make good use of Baidu search solutions.

You can copy my code directly step by step~① Install the package environment that Docker depends on, and it will run for a long time. When it appears, it means that the installation is complete, and you can proceed to the next step: yum install – y yum-utils device-mapper-persist-data lvm2

② The webmaster selects Docker-ce Alibaba source image yum-config-manager — add-repo https://mirrors.aliyun.com/docker-ce/linux/centos/docker-ce.repo

③ Update yum package yum makecache

④ Installing docke-ce takes a long time. Just wait patiently. yum install – y docker-ce docker-ce-cli http://containerd.io

⑤ View docke-ce version yum list docker-ce — showduplicates

⑥ The webmaster selects docker-ce-18.06.0.ce-3.el7 to install yum – y install docker-ce-18.06.0.ce-3.el7

⑦ Restart dockersystemctl restart docker

⑧ Enable dockersystemctl enable docker by default

⑨ Pull the image file of Qinglong (official). This place may be slow. Please wait patiently for docker pull whyour/qinglong: last

⑩ Create a container. The port used here is 5700. If you want to change the port, change 5700:5700 to # # #: 5700Docker run – it – v $pwd/ql/config:/ql/config – v $pwd/ql/log:/ql/log\

-v $pwd/ql/db:/ql/db \ -v $pwd/ql/scripts:/ql/scripts \ -v $pwd/ql/jbot:/ql/jbot \ -v $pwd/ql/repo:/ql/repo \

-p 5700:5700 \ -e ENABLE_ HANGUP=true \ -e ENABLE_ WEB_ PANEL=true \ –name qinglong \ –hostname qinglong \

–restart always \ whyour/qinglong:latest

Step 4: Open the port, open the server port, and change it to the Qinglong panel port you set. The 5700 set by the stationmaster here is modified according to your actual situation

Step 5: Log in to the Qinglong panel ① and enter your ip: 5700 in the browser. For example, if my ip is 123456, then the browser should enter 123456:5700

② The following is the initialization boot installation, which is very simple. Just follow along

③ This place is set according to your own needs. The stationmaster directly skips it here

④ Set the user name and password, and then click Submit

⑤ Click to log in

⑥ Complete installation

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