Is that OK? (What kind of dragon do you want to catch together?) Is it worth training to catch the green dragon together?,

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The expert notes can open 10 green dragons with a total of 20 to 32 qualifications after being upgraded to level 80. As a result, some people are happy that some people are worried about having fully funded green dragons, and there are also four green dragons with all 20 qualifications in ancient times. But more is to be continued. After all, most of the imperial masters have not been upgraded to level 80, and there is still a chance to open. Is the green dragon worth krypton gold or liver? In this issue, Xiaozhu will give you a detailed analysis of the strength of Qinglong.

Article/Xiaozhu talks about game 1. The strange panel data of Qinglong is unique compared with other output ghosts. Some of the data are unique and have no branches. So let me show you the full level panel data of Qinglong.

Undoubtedly, the green dragon is a spell that outputs the panel data of other ghosts. The attacks are generally 10058 or 10554, and there are 11299. Only the green dragon is 10430, and the output of the dual defense attributes of ghosts are generally 2500, 301 or 322. Here 2985 is also the only health value, and the same is true. There are 6158, and only the green dragon is 6500.

However, the difference is not big. The green dragons are still fragile, but not the lowest group of green dragons are the only holy attribute spirits in the game. Xiao Zhu wrote a separate article about the holy attribute restraint, which will not be expanded here. Briefly, the holy attribute restraint of thunder and evil, and the two or four sets of skills and one set of combined moves by the none and evil.

The skill mechanism of Qinglong is also very interesting. There are only one kind of continuous moves, one skill first and then two skills immediately, but there are four effects. Then let’s look at the specific skill mechanism of Qinglong at level 5.

Daji · Yingtian adds the magic attack skill “magic stick”, which causes 41% of the magic attack damage each time for three attacks. Then this skill has four forms, which are reflected in the passivity of Qinglong. Next, we will introduce that the first skill can reset the cooling time of Qinglong’s second skill “twin sign”. The first skill requires 5 seconds of cooling time and 2 points of energy consumption.

The second skill, “Twin Sign”, immediately reuses the first skill, “Spirit Sign”, and increases the damage caused by the attack by 43%. The skill special effect also repeats the last time the first skill special effect skill needs 11 seconds of cooling time and 3 points of energy consumption. However, in fact, this skill does not need cooling. As long as the first skill is released, the second skill will directly cancel the cooling.

Ji · Ruyi Subtracts the passive defense skill “Tianji”. This skill is the four special effects of a skill, namely, Da Ji · Yingtian, Ji · Ruyi, Ji · Huangquan and Da Ji · Tianji · Yingtian: additionally increases the attack of Qinglong by 19%, lasting for 5 seconds. Ji · Ruyi: reduces the enemy’s defense by 13% and healing effect by 23%, lasting for 5 seconds.

Fierce · Huangquan: Each attack increases additional damage by 11% and imprisons the enemy. Both effects last for 5 seconds. Big Fierce · Heavenly Punishment: increases critical hit probability by 31%, lasting for 5 seconds.

Fierce · Huangquan Imprisonment and Damage 3. Skill Analysis: The green dragon’s play method is very simple. It’s just that the first skill and the second skill do not require skill reading. It’s just that the first skill swings ahead of the parents, and the second skill swings ahead very short. The other two skills can cancel part of the backward swing of the first skill. In other words, the second skill of the green dragon is a real instant skill.

Then there is the damage. First, the total damage rate of the three attacks of the first skill is 123%. After the actual measurement, 43% of the damage rate of the second skill is increased by each attack, and it is not an additional increase, but a direct increase in the damage rate. That is to say, the total damage rate of the second skill is 3 × (41%+43%)=252%, which is not low.

Big Fierce · Heavenly Punishment Critical Hit and then two signatures can obtain double skill special effects, which is very practical. So whether it is to increase your own magic attack, reduce the enemy’s magic defense, directly increase the damage multiplier or critical hit, it can also increase the final damage caused by the second skill of Qinglong. And the passive skill of Qinglong cannot be upgraded. That is to say, only the first skill and the second skill of Qinglong need to be upgraded and consume holy books.

To sum up, the green dragon is totally worth practicing. The remaining question is krypton gold. So after knowing the strength of the green dragon, will you really enjoy it? Welcome to leave a message. Well, let’s talk about the detailed analysis of Qinglong. It’s not easy for the original to play, but Xiaozhu will continue to update. I look forward to your attention! Report/feedback

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