It’s crazy (use scenario of scheduled tasks). Scheduled tasks conn, QingLong – powerful scheduled task management panel,

Timed tasks are always encountered in daily development requirements. We often have some simple script work that we hope can be executed once an hour or every day. When such requirements become more numerous, these scattered task scripts will become difficult to manage. Especially when they may be written in different script languages, we need a centralized timed task management platform for unified management.

Introduction QingLong, a scheduled task management panel open source by whyour on Github, is located in The current version provides a powerful timed task management function for v2.11.2QinLong, and supports Python 3, JavaScript, Shell, TypeScript and other languages.

The functions of QinLong include: support for multiple scripting languages (Python 3, JavaScript, Shell, TypeScript), support for online management of scripts, environment variables, configuration files, support for online viewing of task logs, support for second-level task settings, support for system-level notifications

Support dark mode, support mobile terminal operation, use QinLong, recommend Docker or Docker-Composite deployment, use Docker deployment: Docker run – it\ -v $PWD/ql/config:/ql/config \ -v 。

$PWD/ql/log:/ql/log \ -v $PWD/ql/db:/ql/db \ -v $PWD/ql/repo:/ql/repo \ -v $PWD/ql/raw:/ql/raw \ -v

$PWD/ql/scripts:/ql/scripts \ -p 5700:5700 \ –name qinglong \ –hostname qinglong \ –restart unless-stopped \ whyour/qinglong:latest

Deploy using Docker-Compose: mkdir qinglong wget

#Start docker-compose up -d #Stop Docker-compose downQinLong provides rich commands for control, including: # Update and restart Qinglong qlupdate

#Run the custom script extra.shqlextra # Add a single script file qlraw

#Add the specified script of a single warehouse qlrepo # Delete the old log qlrmlog

#Start tg-botqlbot # to detect Qinglong environment and repair qlcheck

#Reset the number of login errors qlresetlet # Disable two-step login qlresettfa

#Execute in sequence. If the random delay is set, the random delay of a certain number of seconds task # will be executed in sequence. Whether the random delay is set or not, it will run immediately. The foreground will output the day and record it in the log file

Task now # Concurrent execution, regardless of whether the random delay is set, will run immediately. The foreground does not produce a birthday, which is directly recorded in the log file, and can be executed by specifying an account

Task conc (optional) # Specify the account to execute, and immediately run task desi regardless of whether random delay is set

The parameters of the command include: file_ Url: script address repo_ Url: warehouse address whitelist: the whitelist when pulling the warehouse, that is, the string contained in the path of the script to be pulled blacklist: the blacklist when pulling the warehouse, that is, the string not contained in the path of the script to be pulled

Dependency: The dependent files required by the pull warehouse will be directly copied from the warehouse to the warehouse directory under the scripts, and will not be affected by the blacklist branch: pull the branch days of the warehouse: the number of days to keep the log file_ Path: The file path when the task is executed

env_ Name: The name of the environment variable that needs to be concurrent or specified during task execution account_ Number: When executing a task, specify the account number to be executed for an environment variable. QinLong provides a GUI background interface, which can easily and visually manage task execution.

To sum up, QinLong provides powerful timed task management functions, supports multiple languages such as Python 3, JavaScript, Shell, TypeScript, and supports online management of scripts and logs. It has rich functions and can meet most demand scenarios. It is worth a try.

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