Quickly see (s20 doesn’t need to replace s21) when s22 will be updated. I said: if you don’t replace S22 this year, you can wait another year,

Preface: A series of software and hardware were updated after the year, and the Qinglong panel was updated yesterday. It was found that most of the JD script writers had run away and pulled the script again for a long time. Finally, the power pool was gone. In the morning, we saw that the Pavadan kernel of the router was updated, and the router system was updated. Yesterday, Samsung also updated the S22 series of mobile phones. We all know that I am a fan of Samsung. Let’s see how about the S22 series.

01 S22 series highlights 1. The S22 and S22+with the same width on the four sides of the medium and small cups are straight screen phones with the same width on the four sides. The frame is narrower than the iPhone 13, which is very cool to use, but the S22 Ultra with the big cup is not the same width.

2、 Conventional upgrading can only say that other aspects of upgrading are basically conventional upgrading. High resolution and high refresh rate can be opened simultaneously. The screen is made of the best material at present, which is much better than that of domestic screens. Samsung’s mobile phone camera generally uses several generations, and the effect is better after polishing. Processor and material upgrading. It is needless to say that the processor is updated once a year. This time, the whole system upgrades the plastic back cover to glass, More texture.

02 S22 series slot point 1. Note series reborn by super big cup. I have always been a loyal user and fan of note series. This time, we can see that S22 ultra is obviously different from the other two models. In addition to its shape, it is also equipped with S pen for writing. This is just a change of the name of Note series. The essence is the same. Small and medium-sized ones are all straight screens, while large ones are micro-surfaces.

2、 After rebirth, the shrinkage of rebirth is rebirth, but it has shrunk seriously. The screen has changed from 6.9 to 6.8, and the weight has increased from 208g to 228g. Then you will find that the frame of the S22 Ultra is also wider than that of the Note 20 Ultra. The opening feeling is almost the same. Of course, the hardware is upgraded.

03 Conclusion 1. The curved screen is not good for sticking the film. After so many years of using the note curved screen, we haven’t found a film that is easy to stick and easy to use. The good one is not easy to use, and the good one is not easy to stick an official original film. The local Samsung after-sales service hasn’t yet. Look at a 50 bought online, and generally stick three to stick a perfect one. Just think about it.

Although there are many curved mobile phones in China now, there is still no good solution for the film. The film that can be pasted on the curved surface is not smooth, and the film that is smooth is easy to be stuck on the curved surface. Wait for the S23 handheld Note 20 Ultra. Look at the configuration of this wave of retrogression, and decide not to upgrade for the time being. Wait for a wave of S23 series.

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