The whole process of dry goods (how does Jingdou earn? Quickly get Jingdou) earn Jingdou small program, easy to earn Jingdou, and use the WeChat Unicom Docker to automatically sign in,

I am a diligent little bee. I sign in at every day to earn Jingdou, and water at Baba Farm to earn free fruit… until one day I found that I could use the docker to install the Qinglong panel to earn Jingdou. It happened that I also had a cheap NAS called Verizon TS-212P3, so I could not use it privately and share it with more people.

The following is a daily account. Big men can get COOKIE at a glance

I use Microsoft EDGE browser, 360 browser is also a similar operation. First click the three points in the upper right corner, select “Extension” in the pop-up window, and then select “Management Extension” in the pop-up window to enter the management interface. Find the blue “Get Microsoft Edge Extension” and click to enter.

Search for “Cookie Editor” on the extension program web page, and then the first one in the search results is what we need. Click “Get” (mine is already installed, so it must be deleted. If it is not installed, it must be obtained). I have always used this tool, and it feels better to use it. Warm prompt: It is better to keep this extension tool after use, because the cookie will become invalid after a period of time, It is also needed to retrieve.

Then, open the website of, and be sure to open the mobile page at the beginning of m. Click Login on the right. For subsequent login, I suggest that you use QQ to jointly log in. If you log in with your mobile number and verification code, it is very troublesome to receive the verification code, which can hardly be completed on the computer

After logging in, click the “Cookie editor” extension icon on the right, and the pop-up interface will search for key and find pt_ Key. The content in value in the expanded content is what we need. Copy it, paste it and save it. Search pin and find pt in the same location and method_ Pin, also copy and save the contents in value. The recommended format is “pt_ Key=value of the copied key; pt_ Pin=value of the copied pin; “(Pay attention not to quote, keep two semicolons, all in English format).

Here, get the cookies of JD. com. 2、 Verizon installs Docker and pulls Qinglong panel plug-in

Enter the web page management interface of Verizon, open the App Center, and find the ContainerStation container tool. In Verizon, Docker is called ContainerStation. After installation, ignore the prompt that requires 4G of memory and start directly.

After entering, click “Create”, search for “qinglong” in the search box, and find “whyour/qinglong” installation in the results

The default is the latest version. Then go to the next step and ignore the next warning.

In the next interface, it is recommended to turn on automatic startup and select “Advanced Settings“

Select the “Network” default network mode NAT, but add a rule “Host 5700 Container 5700 Communication Protocol TCP” in port forwarding, and then click Create.

There is no prompt after clicking Create. The first operation may be mistaken for not successful. In fact, the time of background pull depends on your network. At this time, a number 1 will be displayed on the background icon in the upper right corner. After clicking, you can see the specific download process.

After the pull is successful, you can return to the “Overview” interface and find that the qinglong-1 we just pulled is already running. 3. Set the Qinglong panel to receive Jingdou and open the “NAS IP address: 5700” in the browser to enter the Qinglong panel interface. Some people here may not be able to open this URL. Make sure that the IP address is correct, and check whether the colon is an English symbol. If there is no problem, wait for a refresh.

Don’t worry if you open this address and the icon appears in circles. Just wait. After all, it takes a certain time for the Qinglong panel to start

After entering, it is the preliminary setting of the Qinglong panel. Just go to the next step. If there is a Token for notification setting, you can fill it in here, or skip it first, and then set it later. This is not necessary. Then you can set your account and password, and then log in.

Just as it will be in the future, there are still some operations needed to be able to automatically lead Jingdou correctly.

After entering, we should not be busy creating scheduled tasks. First, install the dependency environment to be installed. First, select dependency management, and then create a new NodeJS dependency. Fill in axis, date-fns, jsdom, magic oicq@1 , jieba, pull the dependent environment in turn; Then switch to Python 3, create PyExecJS, dailycheckin, and jieba dependent environments in turn, and finally switch to Linux to create gcc g++python3-dev py-pip mysql-dev linux-headers libffi-dev openssl-dev dependent environments.

After all pulling, it looks like this.

Next, set the environment variable, which is similar to the installation dependent step. The difference is that you should fill in “JD_COOKIE” for the location of the name, and fill in the content of the JD Cookie obtained in the first step, and then confirm.

Next is the most important subscription management, that is, pulling the collection of scheduled tasks. The steps will not be repeated. Similar to the previous one, it should be noted that after creating a subscription, you can directly paste the address of the subscription library I gave, which can be filled in automatically. Then you can set a name and formulate a timing rule. The timing rule I set is “0 0 0 * *”.

KingRan collection library: ql repo “jd_|jx_|jdCookie” “activity|backUp” “^jd[^_]|USER|utils|function|sign|sendNotify|ql|JDJR”

Yun-City collection library: ql repo “jd_|jx_|gua_|jddj_|getJDCookie” “activity|backUp” “^jd[^_]|USER|function|utils|sendnotify|ZooFaker_Necklace|jd_Cookie|JDJRValidator_|sign_graphics_validate|ql|magic|cleancart_activity”

There are many collection libraries on the Internet, you can Baidu.

After the subscription task is created, it is necessary to run it once. It is better to open the log interface during the run to avoid not pulling the scheduled task because of errors. If there are more than two collection libraries, there must be duplicate tasks in the pulled scheduled task. But don’t worry, there are all scheduled tasks that disable duplicate tasks, which is very useful.

After the subscription task pull is completed, go back to the first scheduled task tab, and we can find that the sign-in tasks are all here. At least there are more than 100 scheduled tasks. I hope you can select all of them to run once at the first time. Pay attention to the log interface. When there is an error, Baidu will be the last. I would like to advise you that although it is easy to earn Jingdou from scheduled tasks, But I still hope that you can keep ten or twenty common tasks. After all, the more you collect, the darker it will be. It will not be worthwhile if you can’t participate when there is a big wool one day.

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