This can all be done (Qunhui docker Qinglong) Qunhui installs Qinglong, and Qunhui docker builds Qinglong panels,

Personally, I think the server is not the best choice for running Qinglong. Qunhui is the best choice. Because some scripts run too many IP addresses, it is easy to get blackout. Qunhui does not have this problem. You can restart the router at any time to dial and change to a new IP address. For example, I am the Qinglong panel built by Qunhui. Of course, my Qunhui is black, and the market price is 350 yuan.

Step 1: Qunhui installs Docker kit

Qunhui Docker installs the Qinglong panel tutorial, and then searches the image of Qinglong panel in Docker

Qunhui Docker installs the Qinglong panel tutorial. Choose whyour/qinglong. Don’t make a mistake. If the download fails, you can set the dock image source as the domestic image source. For the image source, see the tutorial: Docker Replace Image Source

Qunhui Docker installs the Qinglong panel tutorial and creates a new folder in the File Station to store the Qinglong panel files. The file home structure is shown in the following figure.

Qunhui Docker installs the Qinglong panel tutorial, then selects the image in Docker, finds the Qinglong panel image that has just been downloaded, and selects Start to enter advanced settings

Qunhui Docker Installation Qinglong Panel Tutorial Setup Startup

Qunhui Docker Installation Qinglong Panel Tutorial Setting Qinglong Panel Storage Folder

The loading path of Qunhui Docker’s Qinglong Panel Installation Tutorial can be fixed by filling in the contents in my figure. Set access port

After setting up the Qinglong panel installation tutorial for Qunhui Docker, start the Qinglong panel container, and then use the Chrome browser to access your Qunhui ip: 5700 to enter the installation wizard to obtain the panel login password. According to your Qunhui ip port 5700, access http://Qunhui IP: 5700. The initial user name is admin and the password is adminadmin.

According to the prompt, go back to the NAS folder, find the following document, open it to see the automatically generated new password, and then log in again Note: Some browsers will report errors, please use Chrome browser to access! Step 2: Get the name of the JD account to run in the JD COOKIE environment variable: JD

COOKIE value: fill in pt_ key pt_ The pin is obtained as follows: Chrome browser opens And log in to F12 to enter

Drop down to find pt_ Key and pt_ The third step of pin is to fill in the task in the scheduled task. One recommended task is: task name: Qinglong panel 2.10.3 and later version pull task: ql repo

ripts.git “jd_|gua_” “” “ZooFaker_Necklace.js|JDJRValidator_Pure.js|sign_graphics_validate.js|cleancart_activity.js|jdCookie.js|sendNotify.js”

Task timing: 0 0 7 * * * Click OK to go first Use WeChat scanning code to log in and register enterprise WeChat. Obtain the enterprise ID as shown in the figure below and copy it to the text document for backup

My enterprise – WeChat plug-in – invite attention so that you can accept enterprise WeChat messages in WeChat

Then go to Application Management – Application – Self-built – Create Application

Obtain the secret, AgentID and member ID after the creation. The secret can only be viewed by downloading the enterprise WeChat. After downloading, log in with WeChat. After viewing, you can delete the enterprise WeChat

Finally, go to get the material map and click Send Message below,

Click the image and upload an image, such as the following image

Right click to copy the picture link after uploading

Copy the picture link to the text document, as long as I mark these characters in blue

Finally, sort out the copied content: “gw779cadfqfe8c151f, MPKN9gX97w4e4b4h4u7u4i4i4i4iO6mN_dBFzqC5c, @ all, 1000003,27CS6BjySpyoIE8ybfG5azvYhO16Yjsf_Zum20xlsuyuB6oNJ0DHpjoUNPtWIllkg”

The first value is the enterprise ID, the second is the secret, the third is the @ all, the fourth is the AgentID, and the fifth is the image ID separated by commas. You can also change the image ID to 0, which is a text message (not recommended). The text message will not display completely. Paste this paragraph into the enterprise WeChat application.

Finally, look at the effect

Then add: QYWX for the name in the environment variable_ Fill in the first value of the AM value, the enterprise ID, the second value is secret, the third value is directly filled in @ all, the fourth value is AgentID, and the fifth value is separated by a comma in the middle of the image ID. If you cannot receive a message, you need to add QYWX to the environment variable of the Qinglong panel_ The variable content of AM is —– the first value

Enterprise ID, the second is secret, the third directly fills in @ all, the fourth is AgentID, and the fifth is the image ID separated by commas

The last tip: If you want to accept messages in WeChat, you must enter the enterprise WeChat and click the small+sign in the upper right corner of the enterprise WeChat to open to accept enterprise messages~

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