Wall crack recommendation (how to use jd sign-in for Qinglong panels) How to use agents for Qinglong panels, how to install Qinglong panels, where can I find free tutorials?,

What does this thing do? I don’t know. I will study it myself. Use is risky, please consider the pros and cons! 1、 Pull image and install Qinglong panel 1. Create data folder

Name randomly 2. Pull image: whyour/qinglong: latest

Label latest3. Create a container Check the container to start automatically to avoid creating a mapping folder when the container does not work after the nas is powered off and restarted

The network port container end is 5700, and the local end can start the container as you wish. Wait about two or three minutes, and the following picture will appear in the log

2、 Configure the background address of Qinglong panel: http://NAS IP or domain name of: 5700 or the local port you set up. Follow the steps to install the panel. 1. Add JD scripts. Some script libraries are listed below. KingRan library [collection library, recommended] ql repohttps://github.com/KingRan/KR.git “jd_|jx_|jdCookie””activity|backUp””^jd[^_]|USER|utils|function|sign|sendNotify|ql|magic|JDJR”

Faker3 [collection library] ql repohttps://github.com/shufflewzc/faker3.git “jd_|jx_|gua_|jddj_|jdCookie””activity|backUp””^jd[^_]|USER|function|utils|sendNotify|ZooFaker_Necklace.js|JDJRValidator_|sign_graphics_validate|ql|JDSignValidator””main”

Yyds [collection library] YYDS ql repohttps://github.com/okyyds/yyds.git “jd_|jx_|gua_|jddj_|jdCookie””activity|backUp””^jd[^_]|USER|function|utils|sendNotify|ZooFaker_Necklace.js|JDJRValidator_|sign_graphics_validate|ql|JDSignValidator””master” YYDS_ Pure ql repohttps://github.com/okyyds/yydspure.git “Jd_ | jx_ | gua_ | jddj_ | jdCookie” “activity | backUp” “^ jd [^ _] | USER | function | utils | sendNotify | ZooFaker_Necklace. js | JDJRValidator_ | sign_graphics_validate | ql | JDSignValidator” “master” [Note] Please open the Qinglong panel before pulling the library-

The contents in double quotation marks of GithubProxyUrl=”” on line 18 of the configuration file are deleted. Task Settings

The name is optional, the command selects the code of the pull library, and then copies it. After the timing is 0 0 23 * * *, start the operation once, and wait for the completion of the operation!!! 2. Add cookie environment variable Add: JD_ COOKIE content fill in your JD Cookie, and get the Cookie method: Baidu can add more than one by itself, and the same variable name is JD_ COOKIE then waits for him to run by himself

Docking maiARK panel container settings

Pull the container, enter maiark directly in the registry, and the first is

Create the miark folder under the docker. The mount path is as shown in the figure. Note that M and the ARK after M are uppercase

The container port is 8082, and the local port is free to configure the arkconfig.json file

It is important to note here that the last part of the server address column is the Qinglong client ID and key that cannot be marked with/, which can be obtained from the Qinglong panel, as shown in the following figure

It should be noted here that when adding an application, you should remember to modify all permissions and upload them to the miark file to overwrite the original file personalization settings. After that, you can enter your IP or domain name plus the miark port to get the ck to get on the car automatically. After getting on the car, the ck will be in the environment variable of Qinglong. Of course, the interface is not beautiful, and there is no explanation. So we can make a little change, Like this

The setting is very simple. If you know the code, you can directly modify the path: the index.html file in docker/maiark/arktemplates. If not, you can find this article on my blog home page with download address

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