Wall crack recommendation (Qinglong container script) Qinglong panel assistant, Qinglong panel – banana script tutorial,

Qinglong Panel-Banana Script Tutorial states that this script only helps you get gold coins. As for how you use gold coins and how you want to use them, it is your business that has nothing to do with yourself! No association! I have nothing to do with any problems in the later stage of APP! Handle by yourself! I only know that this app has not been cool for 3 years, because the server is outside.

Introduction to Banana Video App – [Multi user version] An account is stable at 1 yuan+per day. You can withdraw cash by yourself or exchange for members. The script keeps members! You can register multiple accounts! (See the bottom of the article for multi-account benefits!) Concerned by Gongzhonghao: sent by the project management institute: banana or xj

You can get the detailed tutorial here. I just compile the article download address according to my understanding. Gongzhonghao focuses on: the project management institute sends: if the link pull file fails once, you can pull it several times more, or change the proxy address ql raw https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Gemini-LRJ/xiangjiao/main/xiangjiao.js 。

Pull the script regularly to ensure that the script is always the latest version!!! Very important!!! Timing rules can be referred to: 0 5 21 * **

After the pull script is successful, set the timing for the pull script: very important!!! Reference timing: 5 1 22 * * 2 2 22 * **

Open software

Fill in the following account invitation code: VLIYX5

Click – My packet capturing software will display the interface address at the end of index. Of course, you can choose other interface addresses to find cookies.

Get Cookies

Xxx_ api_ Copy the auth parameter and value!!!

Set environment variables!!! It’s important to copy and paste this directly into the environment variable, xxx_ api_ Auth needs you to catch it yourself! token=7D1A5D9327DA50FFA1D665D24D4F97909549D7FE@@token_ pin=Ü „ Ñ ‡€ Sø¢ ½Œ„ V«z@@xxx_ api_ Auth=Fill in your own @ @ xxx_ api_ Auth=Fill in your own @ @ xxx_ api_ Auth=fill in your own;

The following two are also necessary. I’m afraid that some people can’t see them, so I took them out and put them out! It’s exactly the same as the one above! token=7D1A5D9327DA50FFA1D665D24D4F97909549D7FEtoken_ pin=Ü „ Ñ ‡€ Sø¢ ½Œ„ V«z


Note that according to the platform rules, token and token_ The pin will be updated from time to time. The script will notify you to get it on the official account! After the above steps are completed, click the script to run! Run successfully

Multi-user benefit settings

According to the promotion rules, you can register several more accounts and fill in an invitation code when registering. In this way, the sub-invitation code account can enjoy the active rewards of several accounts under the banner! Similarly, the environment variables of the script need to be set with several xxx_ api_ auth

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