Full of dry goods (intranet penetration does not require public IP, and personal web sites are built). How to ssh without public IP, and intranet penetration can be completed in one minute without public IP,

For many netizens, as a home broadband user, there is no public IP, that is, public IP without IP v4 cannot support some protocols to connect home devices, manage home devices, or transparently transmit data, such as your Qunhui and your WeUnicom; Slow as a snail with its own reverse springboard;.

A small water pipe whose file is less than 200KB/s; It will take a few minutes just to connect via HTTPS… It’s really annoying, boring, and cold… Sometimes even if you want to manage the router at home, if the router itself does not support APP management outside the LAN, if my mother says that the network is so blocked, it can’t be handled remotely. I can only tell my mother that you can’t bear it, and I’ll go home at night.

Tips: According to the main road, the three Royal routers, Netware and LinkedIn can stably manage them outside the LAN. At that time, ASUS looked forward to the stars and the moon every day. We hope that one day IP v6 can be popularized, because it is said that every sand on the earth can be divided into an IP v6 address IP v4 has a total of 32 addresses

That is, 4294967296, about 4.3 billion. China has only more than 70 million IP v6 addresses, with a total of 2 128th power addresses, namely 3402823669209, 38463463374607431768211456 IP v6 addresses. On this day, our country adopted the “IP v6 Development Action Plan”, which was launched in full swing several years later, and achieved the goal of operators to

IP v6 is fully popularized in home broadband, and the penetration rate is as high as 99%. This data can be checked, and it is also true, as shown in the following figure:

On average, every Chinese has one. If you use it, don’t you think that Brother Dalu says more than 99%? Why is it 77.44% above? The actual value is currently 100%, as shown in the figure:

In fact, the upper backbone network is supported by all nodes, and some of the terminals below do not use the screenshots above for reference [1]. But there is a problem that we are staying in hotels on business trips, and the hotel does not support IP v6; In our company, the network management is about no, and we don’t have to configure the router or the optical cat probably has no IP v6

; It’s not that we open 5G hot spots on our mobile phones to assign IP v6 to laptops and then remotely connect to our home devices for management, is it? Then we know a technology that can be used for intranet penetration, but IP v4 resources have been exhausted long ago. Even if Americans have many IP v4 addresses, it is not enough. Intranet penetration is actually a platform.

, have a small number of public IP addresses, let one become 100, and then give you a virtual intranet: realize the local and remote in a virtual intranet; In essence, the realization of interconnection is not a completely free technical problem. However, it is estimated that you will feel numb when you understand Baidu’s intranet penetration:

DDNS, software installation, port mapping, and domain name application. Are you finished? I don’t know when it will be the first… There are many articles and videos, but I can’t tell what this is about

You don’t need to know DDNS or port mapping. You just need to use QQ and know how to log in. How to achieve it in one minute? Here comes the climax. Follow Brother Lu to buy the goods home in one minute:

Beirui dandelion router X1 Nas companion bypass networking box self-built private cloud JD ¥ 99.00 to buy less than 100 yuan, can’t afford to lose, can’t afford to be deceived, buy a real worry, trouble, easy to use, can use.

Choose the delivery address, pay, and wait until you get started. In essence, you need to use the intranet penetration technology to build the platform and software, but it still costs money. Moreover, there is no difference between the upgrade version of P5 and the same version of this bypass box. That is to say, the network interface supports PoE power supply, and the experience is no difference. If you happen to have a PoE switch.

You should save more than 100 yuan for the power supply slot. The local tyrant is capricious:

Beirui dandelion P5 gigabit bypass networking box hard disk to cloud disk nas went with JD ¥ 279.00 to buy Big Brother, although it is not a local tyrant, but based on the fact, since I help you evaluate, I will buy expensive. After all, I have got RBK855 of Netware to test. What is this? It’s only more than 200 yuan.

As long as you think it is easy to use, practical, really good to use, and place more orders, the evaluation of the main road will be able to quickly return to blood, and then continue to test more fun and useful digital peripheral and network peripheral products, whether X1 or P5, for you to buy home in one minute: open the box at home, power on, and finish it in three minutes; QR code scanning registration activation; 3 minutes;.

Download and install the software on the notebook official website; Then you can do whatever you want

You can do this… Oh, no, you have to pay for the VVVIP package. At least you can do this:

Oh, no, the wrong picture is:

If you feel that the public network or free WiFi is not secure, you can enter your home computer through the Dandelion SD-WAN encryption tunnel to pay, trade, and transmit. Although the network you use is not secure, the SD-WAN can be used to build a private fortress network, which is of course extra for many small partners.

You just want to go home and have a look through this: see how the home mining PC works last night. The lady I found went down to a few percent of my desktop occasionally and made some editing operations to transmit some required work data from the home NAS. Tips: You don’t need to know what SD-WAN is, you can use it, you can meet your needs, and you can use it comfortably.

Well, whether it is good or not, let’s look at the results and see the actual measurement, and then start to open the box (B): The actual opening of the dandelion bypass box P5 is as follows: it is as long as it is, and the size of the palm is as follows:

Very thick metal shell, passive heat dissipation can be connected to router or switch in box, DC power supply:

My family has no PoE demand, so I still need a blue light on the front of DC power supply:

That’s all. It’s simple. You don’t need to worry about Wan or Lan. The bypass configuration is simple, as follows: open the manual, scan the WeChat code of the mobile phone to download the APP; Register an account to log in to the APP and bind the device SN code; SN code is on the blue label on the back of the bypass box; It’s over after binding. Anyway, the box doesn’t need to be cared about

Open the notebook you need to manage remotely: log in to the dandelion official website page to download: the dandelion software client will download the default installation, and will prompt you to install the virtual network card driver. It doesn’t matter whether it is restarted or not. It is so simple. Tips: The installation prompt is as follows (Windows 11 will prompt):

This is true for many software. Select “Install anyway”. After installation, open the following and log in with mobile app scanning code:

After the app authentication is passed, you can log in automatically. Your laptop can log in to the SD-WAN (virtual LAN, you can understand it) assigned to you by your private dandelion. So, whether your laptop is at home or outside, you can connect all the devices in the LAN where your bypass box X1 or P5 is located.

。 Application demonstration: such as 3389 remote desktop home PC or notebook:

Silky is silky, smooth is smooth, and cool is cool. The real experience is so happy, isn’t it exciting?

Beirui Dandelion Router X1 Nas Companion Bypass Networking Box self-built private cloud JD ¥ 99.00 to buy it, and now add shopping cart such as remote desktop, how about playing local movies?

So smooth is smooth, and silky is silky. It is very smooth because it only transmits pictures, not complete streaming media traffic transmission, and takes up very low bandwidth. As long as your laptop logs in to the dandelion software, you can ping any boot device in the intranet:

No matter where you are, as long as you can connect to the Internet, you can pay attention to @ Lin Da Lu Da Lu Brother at home. You can choose good things and not get lost. Of course, the mobile phone dandelion APP is not a device. You can also access the home network after logging in, as shown in the following figure:

Don’t worry about not logging into ASUS APP anymore. As for other ways of playing, open it up by yourself. What do you need to know about using this bypass box? Or what needs attention or understanding? Brother Lu has measured for several months. Now I tell you, yes, I will not recommend it to you if I don’t know how to use it.

This device has three authorization by default. For example, your bypass box should occupy one; 1 mobile phone and notebook; You can still keep one, not bad!

I also bought a dandelion X5 router for testing. It took up a basic scenario. The standard version can be used without upgrading. It is easy to use. There is no annual fee to use it. When the dandelion is used, it will go bankrupt… Will the dandelion go bankrupt? In fact, no matter the dandelion bypass box or the router, we are not strangers. They all belong to Berry

So who is Berry? It has a product called “peanut shell” and a remote management called “sunflower”, understand? It’s a bit old. Ha ha, dandelion is the sub-brand of the main network hardware under Berui, such as routers, industrial routers, bypass boxes, etc. Compared with sunflowers, boot sticks, and expansion scenarios are more abundant.

Is the dandelion standard 2M enough? I believe that some careful partners may go to the official website to query some more information, as follows:

The experience version is really free. 1Mbps in the experience version is really 1Mbps, that is, 128KB/s network speed; However, the standard version of 2Mbps with the upgrade after the purchase of hardware is not calculated in this way. At least, it is 2MB/s, which actually provides support for 16Mbps.

16Mbps is a good way to play. Yes, you can watch a 1080P movie on the remote desktop. The intranet penetration transmission file reaches 2MB/s and the key payment is less than 100 yuan. Even if the hardware is broken, you can also use the account as a software SD-WAN network. For example, you can install a dandelion on your intranet PC, log in, and it is OK, just like sunflower.

Ok, rest assured:

Beirui dandelion router X1 Nas companion bypass networking box self-built private cloud JD ¥ 99.00 to buy if you plan to replace the router, if one of the previous routers can fully cover, if there are not too many devices in the 5GHz band, you can also directly use other routers to replace the bypass box, which can upgrade the router to WiFi6, and also solve the problem of intranet penetration.

Beirui Dandelion X5 wireless dual-band router remote office gigabit large household JD 369.00 to buy daily in more than 300 yuan, not the Botong and Qualcomm processors, using the MT7621AT of MediaTek, which is not particularly good, but the household as long as it does not struggle, it will take two years.

In the past, many pole routers also use this scheme. The price performance ratio is high, because X5 is equivalent to the hardware+software platform package. As an entry-level AX1800 specification WiFi 6 router, it is still good. The router does not support mesh networking. If you want to know more, I will share it with you later. You can see the disassembly diagram:.

The use of ceramic patches for heat dissipation can cost money if the heat dissipation of the whole machine is OK. Anyway, it will cost money, so don’t bother to bother. Even if I can, I don’t bother to bother, because there are more problems, and I can’t send them successfully yesterday. I will send them again today. Good content should not be buried by machine AI. Refer to the national IPv6 development monitoring platform.


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