Incredible (recommended by the latest slag nas). How to build a private disk NAS with its own intranet penetration with 200 pieces of slag (TN3399),

This content comes from @ What is worth buying an APP, and the point of view only represents the author | The author: The Liuyi slag community bought a TN3399 slag, 226 packets of which were mailed to me, and I tried to brush the raspberry disk, so I wrote a tutorial for you to refer to the raspberry disk. I have introduced it before, so you can see my other articles.

Briefly speaking, raspberry disk is a light NAS (called private disk is more appropriate) system that supports raspberry 4B3B, RK3399, and X86 swiping. At present, the main functions are: unlimited access to the Internet, GPU hard decode, transcoding, photo synchronization, file management, SMB protocol, Thunderbolt remote download, file sharing. First of all, the conclusion is as follows:

TN3399 can be used perfectly when installing raspberry disk, and all interfaces (HDMI, TF card slot, USB3.0, USB2.0, etc.) can be used normally. Above:

TN3399 with raspberry disk system

TN3399 connection screen can display the status information of raspberry disk NAS

Screenshot of raspberry disk app (TN3399 bound) The following describes how to brush TN3399 into the raspberry disk: brush the raspberry disk system into the TF card, and then insert the card to start the network. This is the simplest way to download the raspberry disk image. Use Win32Diskimager or Etcher to burn the raspberry disk to the TF card (the card needs to be greater than or equal to 8G).

Insert the card, insert the network cable, and connect the screen. At this time, you can see the progress of the system installation, which will be completed in less than a minute under normal circumstances

A QR code will pop up on the screen, download the raspberry disk app, scan and bind it

Then you can use the raspberry disk system, including the app, the WEB side and the SMB protocol (attach the screenshot of the WEB side)


Install the drive. Open the previously downloaded file, find the wire brush driver and extract it, and click driverinstall.exe to install it, as shown in the figure below

Click drive_install.exe, then click advanced functions and select maskrom mode, as shown in the figure below

Boot selection rk3399_ loader_ V1.24.126. bin, system selects raspberry disk image

Find a microUSB data cable, plug one end into the computer and the other end into the microUSB of TN3399, and then power on TN3399. In this case: connect two short contacts and press the RST key at the same time:

My short circuit method: weld the line, get a switch, and Ruixing micro tool will display a MASKROM device. Click Execute to brush the device into emmc and repeat step 3 and step 4 of the previous brush system method

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