WeChat Unicom realizes frp intranet penetration

This content comes from @ what is worth buying APP, and the point of view only represents the author | The author: make a breakthrough_ The head is based on the fact that the frp intranet penetration server has been set up, and then the intranet penetration is realized on the Verizon nas. If the frp intranet penetration server has not been set up, please refer to my previous article, “FRP Intranet Penetration Tutorial”

Previously: This article is applicable to the situation that the operator does not assign public IP to your router. The use of WeChat Unicom and Qunhui intranet penetration is similar. This method is applicable to both X86 architecture and ARM architecture CPUs. However, it needs to import different package text: 1 According to my last article, “FRP Intranet Penetration Tutorial”, we have built the frp server with public IP. Now we can start to install and run the client to use the frp server on Unicom or any of your nas



Formal configuration 1. Open xshell or other remote tools to create a new connection and click the link

2. After clicking the link, enter the user name and password according to the prompt, try to create another user and add the user to the administrator group to ssh through this user

Connect according to the prompts. Here, another ssh user is created specifically for ssh remote connection. 3. Enter the following command cd/sudo mkdir/frpsudo chmod 777/frp Enter sudo mkdir/frp command, and then you need to enter the password to create it for you

Chmod is to grant other user permissions to the frp folder

Enter the administrator’s password according to the prompt. 4. Check whether the folder named frp has been created successfully through the ls command. 5. Enter the frp folder cd/frp6. Edit the frpc.ini configuration file on the computer [common] # Configure the external IP address server of the server_ Addr= # Example IP address

#Configure the port server on which the server listens_ Port=7088 # If the server is configured with a token, copy the token configured by the server here token=aaaaaaaaa-aaaaa-aaaaa-aaaaaa-8a53d1d439e2 # Example token

pool_ Count=5 [nas] # The type is tcptype=tcp # The local IP address is usually Ip= # Local port range to be mapped_ Port=5000 # The web port used by the example nas

#Port range mapped to the server remote_ Port=4567 # Example port

6. Pass the previously edited frp configuration into the server

7. Ls Check the incoming file

8、给frp文件夹内所有的文件配置777权限chmod -R 777 /frp9、启动frpc服务:nohup ./frpc -c frpc.ini >/dev/null 2>&1 &10、配置开机自启

Enter the/etc/init. d directory cd/etc/init. d to create a file and edit the content (Baidu will not see how to use the vim editor) sudo vim frpc.sh

After editing: wq saves 11. Grant 777 permissions to the script and add chmod 777 frpc.shchkconfig — add frpc.sh to configure here. You can have a pleasant intranet penetration of nas. The author declares that this article has no interest. Welcome to rational communication and harmonious discussion with friends

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