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Author: I am free to write and write a deployment Cloudflared tutorial today. The intranet penetration is free of charge, and the Docker container is directly accessed with the domain name. ddnsto often needs to be verified. In addition, the penetrated domain name will be longer and more difficult to remember. After the Cloudflared intranet penetration, you can use your own memorable domain name, and you can also access multiple secondary domain names, unlimited number

Deployment step 1, register domain name 2, register Cloudflare account 3, deploy docker 4, configure tunnel domain name penetration registration domain name Take Alibaba Cloud as an example, to register a domain name, there are many personalized suffix names, and the price is very cheap to register a domain name is only a few yuan. After registration, real-name authentication is required. If it is only used for public network penetration, there is no need to file

The process of real-name authentication is operated by everyone. It is very convenient. Follow the instructions step by step. Note that real-name authentication must be completed, otherwise you can’t use the registered Cloudflare account. We log in to Cloudflare to register an account and log in. The official website link: https://www.cloudflare-cn.com/

Website Add the website just registered

Select Free to continue to the next step

Then come to this page, copy and save the two Cloudflare

Back to Alibaba Cloud domain name management, click domain name in the left domain name list to enter

Modify the dns, fill in the two Cloudflare just copied here, and confirm to save

Then go back to Cloudflare and click Finish

Here, according to the operation flow point, use Save

Go back to the home page and click Access

Start Zero Trust. It will be a little slow to enter this website. Don’t worry

Click Tunnels under Access to create a tunnel

Select Free and click Select Plan. Here are two steps to choose the free version of FER and 0 yuan for purchase. Because I have purchased it, I do not have this screenshot. Some people will have a withholding and refund, and then fill in a name you like

Select Docker and copy the following string of codes. The only useful code in this string is the string of Tokens I typed in the red box. Edit and save this string of Tokens, and then click Next below

Go to the Public Hostname PageSubdomain, fill in wwwDomain (Required), select the domain name just registered, Service (Required), and select HTTP://Fill in your Nas IP: the port you want to map (for example, I want to map the newly created Heimdall web page, the port is 9010)

Then click Save hostname

Deploy the docker to the polar space docker warehouse, search cloudflare/cloudflare and click Download

Double-click to open the folder path, and create a new Cloudflared folder path in the Docker folder. Select the Cloudflared folder loading path and fill in/etc/cloudflared

The command is modified here. This step is very important. If it is modified incorrectly, it will be restarted continuously. After checking the tutorial, we found that tunnel — no-autoupdate run — token is replaced here by the token that has just been copied, and the token that has been copied by Zero Trust is replaced here

Enable container and wait a few minutes to configure

Enter our registered domain name in the browser to successfully log in to our tunnel penetration port

Mobile terminal access. It is recommended that the mobile phone can add shortcuts to the desktop for easy use

If we still have many ports to configure, it’s easy to see the domain name we just configured in the left column tunnels. Click Configure

Go to the Public Hostname Page and click Add a public hostname

Subdomain is different from our first domain name. For example, fill in wwc Domain (Required), select the newly registered domain name Service (Required), select HTTP://Fill in your Nas IP: the port you want to map

In theory, you can configure a lot of port secondary sub-domain names. If you calculate it this way, it is still easier to use than ddnsto. After all, you only need to pay for one domain name. You can penetrate sub-domain names infinitely. It is still a good choice to have multi-port partners. There are many tutorials and tools for intranet penetration. At present, Cloudflared tunnel is the best one to use.

My operation is to add the penetrated subdomain names to Heimdall, so that as long as there is a primary domain name, you can access all other ports. If you don’t see Heimdall deployment, you can see the following tutorial. If there are not many ports, it is easier and easier to use ddnsto, but it is more difficult to verify on different devices

The following is the tutorial of ddnsto, which is relatively simple and easy to configure. The package of 26 yuan a year is not expensive. You can add 12 penetration domain names. If the number is not large, you can use it. It saves a lot of trouble

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