Take a quick look at (which is the best software for intranet penetration) intranet penetration server, and talk about the role of intranet penetration. What is the best software for intranet penetration?,

Now, the broadband we use is basically a metropolitan area network, which forms a large “LAN” from a community, a school or a larger area. Most operators use this NAT technology. When you go online, you will be assigned an intranet IP address, and then you can go online normally.

For general internet access, NAT has no impact, because you usually play games and open web pages from your computer. However, if you want to use NAT’s broadband to build a website, or open a game server such as Minecraft to let small partners play, it may not work.

At this time, we need to use the intranet penetration technology. What is the role of intranet penetration and what is the software? This article will analyze the role of intranet penetration. 1. Check whether you are a NAT broadband. First, open the router management interface. On the page of viewing the router information, you can see the words like WAN IP. This is your Internet IP.

If it is 192.168. *. *, it means that it is dialed through optical cat. This needs to be checked by changing optical cat to Bridge bridge mode; If it is 100. *. *. *, it means NAT metropolitan area network; If it is other, you need to test it according to your actual situation.

2. Make full use of broadband resources. Now, home broadband is getting higher and higher. Up to now, China Telecom in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province has provided 50M uplink home broadband. It is a very ideal choice to use it as a website or open a Minecraft server. So what can we do to make use of broadband resources?

Quite simply, we need intranet penetration to be considered as a reverse proxy. As the name implies, the reverse proxy first lets your computer establish a long connection with the mapping server. When a user accesses the mapping server, the mapping server forwards the user’s request to your computer through this connection. After the service on your computer is processed, the data is returned to the mapping server, The mapping server returns to the user as is, thus completing a forwarding request.

At present, most of the intranet penetration servers on the market need to pay, and there are many free ones that are generally not very fast. So is there any intranet penetration that is free, fast and stable? The answer is some peanut shell intranet penetration software

Peanut shell intranet-penetrating free software can solve various network problems of enterprises. It can realize computer remote connection. It is very convenient to operate. Even if users are in a complex network environment, peanut shell can resolve domain names normally. There is no limit. Self-built websites and shopping malls that we often contact can be easily realized through peanut shell software.

The specific methods are as follows: 1. Log in with the registered or existing peanut shell account to enter the main interface. 2. Through the domain name diagnosis function, you can detect the peanut shell (intranet penetration) service, DNS server IP address, etc. recorded by the domain name, and determine whether the domain name is activated and directed correctly. 3. In the domain name list interface, right-click the domain name, and you can also perform domain name diagnosis, and you can also manage it.

4. Enter the peanut shell (intranet mapping) management page, click the button to open the mapping function. 5. After successfully opening the mapping, add the mapping. 6. Enter the application name, intranet host IP, intranet port and whether to open the internet HTTP port. Click OK to add the mapping successfully. Note: each domain name only supports one port 80 mapping and cannot coexist with other mappings.

7. After the mapping is successfully added, the intranet access address can be obtained to realize the intranet access router, camera, etc. In addition, in the peanut shell (intranet penetration) management interface, the mapping can also be edited, deleted and other management 8. Click the “Settings” button on the upper right to make relevant settings, such as startup, whether to run as a service, peanut shell (intranet penetration) offline reminder, etc.

We can install the peanut shell port mapping intranet penetration software, then add the mapping, and configure the mapping port information. The address of the internet is the domain name accessed after the mapping. At the same time, it can also be your own or the default domain name through intranet penetration. You can use the domain name to report/feedback the corresponding intranet application

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