The hard disk of Black Qunhui (Black Qunhui Use Tutorial) has been burned out. Personal feelings about using Black Qunhui to use tailscale intranet penetration,

Author: Since then, the king of mouthful cannons has been tossing and turning to NAS, he has wanted to choose a simple and stable tool among many tools for intranet penetration, that is, he wants to be a white whore, but also wants to be simple and convenient. At the beginning of entering the pit, there was a white Qunhui, and then he gave a dynamic public IP with the name of white Qunhui and my Unicom broadband. In this way, he set the port forwarding of the router to achieve intranet penetration with his home equipment.

Later, a black groupware was used as a monitoring management machine to take over several cameras. Value-added services such as the camera’s app to look back will be charged. In addition, the need to use mobile phone cards to send mobile large intranet penetration emerged. As a new novice, he contacted Zerotier, a simple, convenient and free intranet penetration tool.

However, this tool is not very stable. Sometimes it can be connected and sometimes it can’t be connected until I came into contact with Tailscale, an intranet penetration tool, a few days ago. Yes, I moved on. I turned from the zerotier camp to Tailscale. It’s a scum man. Yes, but it needs several conditions to be able to use Tailscale freely. 1. It needs a gmail mailbox, 2 If you are a user of iOS and MacOS, you also need a US account.

3. It’s better for you to visit Google App Store and don’t know how to deal with these three conditions. You can close the window without looking at the following nonsense. What is Tailscale? I copied and pasted the explanation of other leaders on Tailscale. Tailscale is a virtual networking tool based on WireGuard, similar to Netmaker. The biggest difference is that Tailscale implements the WireGuard protocol in user mode, Netmaker directly uses wireguard in kernel mode

Out of the box, no need to configure the firewall, no additional configuration, high security/privacy automatic key rotation, point-to-point connection, support user review of end-to-end access records, in addition to the original UDP protocols such as ICE and STUN, the DERP TCP protocol is implemented to enable NAT to penetrate the control server based on the public network to issue ACL and configuration, and realize node dynamic update

Generate users and private keys through third-party (such as Google) SSO services to achieve identity authentication. In short, we can view Tailscale as a more easy-to-use and functional WireGuard. Let’s talk about how to use it 。

Then log in with your Google account, and the interface after logging in

The next step is to install the tailscale on Qunhui. Here I use the simplest method. Some big men use commands or docker to install, but I won’t open this website in the way of mouth dirt

Select your own version of Qunhui to download, and then open your Qunhui management interface and select Manual Installation in the red circle

Then the application of tailscale will appear in the management interface of Qunhui. Then open the application and enter your account of Google Mail. Qunhui is set up. After returning to the management interface of tailscale, the key of each device will expire in 180 days by default. If the device is determined to use for a long time, remember to turn off the key expiration, Set Enable key expiration for the device to be operated in the Tailscale console.

Qunhui terminal has been set up, and then we will set up the mobile terminal. Take Android for example, I downloaded and installed the apk file of tailscale in Google’s App Store, and then entered the Google account to log in like Qunhui. After that, we can see a mobile terminal device in the management background of tailscale.

By default, the key of each device will expire in 180 days, so every time you add a new device, if you use it frequently, you need to set the key to close the expiration. As shown in the figure above, the ios system and the macOS system need a US-zone account, and then download the app. The settings are the same. You can log in to your Google account directly. Tailscale can add up to 20 devices for free.

To sum up, the deployment of Tailscale is very similar to that of Zerotier. I personally feel that it can be easily accessed after about two months of experience. At present, it is also stable and available under most networks and can meet my use scenarios. I hope it can give some help to those in need. I have just come into contact with this tool. If there is something wrong with it, please correct it.

我的科技记录 » The hard disk of Black Qunhui (Black Qunhui Use Tutorial) has been burned out. Personal feelings about using Black Qunhui to use tailscale intranet penetration,