The old mobile phone is used as a mobile hard disk, and the old mobile phone is transformed into a cloud disk (with intranet penetration),

This tutorial is applicable to higher version Android phones. Here I use Redmi K20 Pro Android 11. First of all, you need the following software: AidLux, file browser (mainly used for decompression), cloudreve, QPython download link:

(I have packed both Qpython and cloudrev, which are available in major app stores of AidLux and File Browser)

Then you can start. First, open AidLux and wait for the environment to be built

Then register here and skip it directly

Click the small red dot in the upper left corner to close this page

Click the folder

Then find the sdcard folder, which is the internal storage of your phone

Then find the cloudrev file you just downloaded and copy or move it to the Home folder

Then click the console

Then enter: chmod+x cloudrev in the console, and then press Enter. This step is to give cloudrev executable permission

Then enter:/ Cloudreve, and then enter (no spaces, this is the problem of input method)

Remember the administrator account password here

Then enter: Just enter your account password here to log in

In the control panel, you can set up your cloud disk. It is not listed here that you can register an account with your own mailbox, and then use the administrator account to give it administrator permissions, so that you can log in with your own mailbox. Next, we introduce how to use intranet penetration to achieve non-LAN access. Here, we first introduce the use of ngrok intranet penetration, and then introduce Cherry Blossom

This is the official website of ngrok: mobile computers can be accessed. For convenience, use computers to access. First register an account, and then click tunnel management

Then click to open the tunnel

Choose the free one or the paid one

Select http as the tunnel protocol. The name and front domain name are optional. The address port must be correct. It is Then you can remember the tunnel ID here

Then log in to the official website of ngrok on your mobile phone, click the client to download, select the ngrok client, pull down to find the python version, and then download

Then decompress and enter Qpython software to use version 3

Click the file to find the client you just extracted

After clicking Open, click Run

Then enter the tunnel ID just obtained

Use this link to connect to your network disk

Next, we will introduce how to use the Cherry Blossom Penetration Tutorial. First, enter the official website of Cherry Blossom: Then register an account, remember to pay attention to the secret key here, and use it later

Then create a tunnel

The tunnel name remarks are optional, and the penetration node can select any one that can be used. The address port is the same as above, and the protocol is tcp, and the rest can be left blank

Then click Service-Software Download, select Linux, select arm64 version, and download it to mobile phone

Then go to the phone, enter aidlux, click the small yellow dot in the upper left corner to return to the desktop, and then move the downloaded file to the home folder in the same way as the above operation of cloudrev, and then click chmod+x frpc_ linux_ Arm64/ frpc_ linux_ Arm64 to start him

Then copy and paste the user secret key of Sakura

Then select the corresponding tunnel to start

Then you can connect the report/feedback through the recommended link

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