All right? (Polar space is out of stock) Polar space zdr, Polar space Z4S experience: video information search+AI album management+global intranet penetration, playing NAS has never been so simple,

Author: Geek studies how the new brand breaks the Red Sea market? Light NAS or children’s shoes that have used NAS in the next generation should all know that more and more brands are starting to set foot in it. In addition to the previous generation of Qunhui, Verizon, Tieweima, Huayun, and other new brands, such as Polar Space, Hikvision, Lvlian, ORECO, and Huawei.

From my observation, although NAS is small, there are also many potential users. So what the new brand actually needs to do is not to share the cake with the old brands in the stock market. More important is to find new users and make them willing to pay for NAS services.

However, the traditional and old NAS needs a certain threshold to get started, which is also an important reason to discourage novices. In recent years, with the gradual introduction of “light NAS” products, white people can also feel the joy of NAS. Today I will bring you an experience of “extreme space Z4S”. I hope to show you through this product.

The new brand represented by [Polar Space] how to achieve the breaking “model” of the Red Sea market: Polar Space Z4S flagship “processor”: Intel Pentium N6005 processor (4 cores/4 threads, 2.0-3.3GHz) “memory”: 8GB DDR4 2933MHz (expandable to 16GB).

“Flash”: 16GB eMMC V5.1 HS400 “GPU”: Intel UHD Graphics (32 execution units/450-900MHz) “Maximum video resolution”: 4096 × 2160@60Hz

“Hard disk bit”: 4 × 2.5 inch/3.5 inch hard disk bit (SATA 3 6Gbps) “NVMe hard disk bit”: dual M.2 2280 slots (NVMe 1.2/1.3) “cooling fan”: 14cm fan × 1 “Maximum fan noise”

: 35dB (A) “Maximum fan air volume”: 70cfm “Maximum fan speed”: 1500rpm “Port”: front USB-A (5Gbps) × 1. Front USB-C (10Gbps) × 1、USB-A(480Mbps) × 1、HDMI 2.0A、RJ45(2.5GbE) × 2. ESATA hard disk expansion port × one

“Three sides/weight”: 260mm (length) × 178.3mm high × 179mm (wide)/2.8kg II. Compared with traditional NAS, what are the highlights of the scene experience of Z4S in polar space? ― Say goodbye to NAS, it is difficult to get started, and initialization can be completed only by mobile phone

Because the advantage of Polar Space Z4S lies in the software level, let’s talk about its scene experience first. Traditional NAS often needs a computer+download software driver to complete the work. When you reach the extreme space, you can take out your mobile phone to achieve “initialization work”.

After the network cable is inserted into the NAS, and the mobile phone is located in the same LAN, the Polar Space APP will be able to retrieve the new device and register and insert it into the new hard disk, and will remind you to set the hard disk mode. The Linux-based Polar Space “ZOS system” provides four modes for the main hard disk bin: ZDR, RAID 1, dual RAID 1, and RAID 5.

I use two 4TB hard disks. The best solution is the exclusive ZDR mode in polar space, which is somewhat similar to RAID 0 (capacity doubled, speed increased). But this mode can back up selected folders, so it also avoids risks to some extent. Another bright point is that in traditional NAS, only M.2 hard disks can be used as read-write acceleration, and in polar space Z4S.

It can be read and written directly as storage space. However, at present, only Basic can be selected. I think we can increase the choice of disk array in the future.

After a simple initialization, you can enter the system interface. This polar space APP is the best one I have used in NAS. The interactive interface is the best. Many common settings do not need a computer at all. This is the highlight of new brands.

And without any settings, this APP supports “intranet penetration” by default. It can also use the server transfer in polar space to log in to the account and remotely control the NAS in the home. This is much better than traditional brands. When you want to use advanced operations such as Docker and Thunderbolt, you can also access the web-end background through the IP address.

Many NAS users have the ability to mount the storage space to the computer, which is convenient for transferring files. Polar space also provides the function of “mapping network disk”. To access the storage space of polar space Z4S through Samba, WebDAV, DLNA, SFTP, NFS and other protocols, it is important to note that the shared folder is read-only and not writable, so it needs to be independently created for management.

The mobile phone photos can be backed