This can all be done without public intranet penetration. The NPS intranet penetration tutorial perfectly solves the problem that there is no public ip in the home,

Author: Strive forward and explode_ Preface: More than a year ago, I published how to achieve intranet penetration through FRP, which is a good collection. The review area also pointed out the shortcomings of FRP, that is, the configuration of FRP is a little cumbersome and not convenient for NPS, so I have always planned to write an NPS tutorial, but this year is also a little busy. Every time I want to write, there are always some big and small things interfering with me, but I always remember, So now this is a course with pictures and texts on the intranet penetration of the nps mode.

The following is the text: First, let’s introduce what is nps: 1. A lightweight, high-performance and powerful intranet penetration proxy server supports almost all traffic forwarding, such as tcp, udp, socks5, http, and has powerful functions for web management View the camera remotely, debug some remote APIs (such as the development of WeChat official account and enterprise account), etc.



The way to purchase servers after registering the login account:

After clicking in, you can see the region selection. We choose Hong Kong image of China to select the system image, and choose centos7.6. In the following package configuration, you can select a package of 24 1-core CPUs, 1G memory, 1024GB of monthly traffic, and 30Mbps of peak bandwidth. The data disk will remain unchanged. Generally, the purchase time is one month or one year, and then you can choose to purchase immediately. But now Tencent Cloud may not have 24 cloud servers, There are also

Finally, you can submit the order. 2. Configure the cloud server mouse to move to the cloud product. There is a lightweight application server

Click More to drop down a management point

In management, you can reset the password in the instance information first

Then add rules to open the firewall

This completes the server purchase and basic configuration. 3. Configure the nps server and prepare the nps package. Click Clone/Download to download all the files

Then decompress the downloaded compressed package

We need to connect to our server through xshall or winscp, as shown in the figure

Click Connect and enter the user name and password according to the prompt to connect to the server. Then enter cd/enter the root directory

Then select the widget with red lines on the xshell as shown in the figure, and enter the unzipped folder to find nps.tar.gz, drag the compressed package from the left to the right, or right click to upload

Or right click and select Transfer

Now we can enter the command line page to decompress the uploaded compressed package, and enter tar – zxPvf nps.tar.gz

Then check the extracted files in the root directory ls, enter cd/nps into the nps folder in the root directory, and then check the files in ls

Then close the firewall and selinux

Install nps and start nps service

Then you can access http://public ip: 8080 through the browser. The login account of nps is admin and the password is 123

4、 Configure the client to create the client information, enter the client and click Add

Modify the client configuration here according to your needs

Before installing and using the client on the device that needs the agent, notice that there is a plus sign (+) in the front of the client list, and the start client command will appear after clicking

Unzip the client file in Windows to the specified directory

The compressed package of npc is also in gitee, as shown in the following figure:

View the client connection port and remember (the client connection port is in the dashboard)

Then hold down the shift and right click the mouse in the blank position of the folder (select to open the powershell here)

If it is a proxy service in Windows, enter the following command. npc. exe install – server=your server ip: nps client connection port – vkey=the corresponding key in the web interface client – type=tcp Note: If the execution fails, open the powershell with administrator privileges and switch to the directory. The switch command is the cd directory path

Example of command execution (here is used to give you an intranet address, so you can normally fill in the public IP address of your lightweight server):. npc. exe install – server= – vkey=test – type=tcp

If it is proxy Linux, enter the npc file directory and enter the command:/ Npc install – server=your server ip: nps client connection port – vkey=the corresponding key in the web interface client – type=tcp/ npc start

Example of linux client image: viewing client connection in nps

Create a TCP tunnel connection

Here is an example to create an example of connecting the tunnel from the external network port 300 to the local port 22 (that is, entering the external network ip: 300 can access the services in our internal network ip: 22)

By now, all the services that can access the intranet happily through the internet address have been created. Deploying nps reduces the complexity of modifying the configuration itself like frp. However, nps still need to modify the configuration file to modify the login account password. Here, we need to use the vim editor to modify the nps.conf file in the conf directory in the nps directory

That’s all. Thank you for watching. If you really don’t understand, you can trust me privately

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